With ever-changing markets, it is important that values are correct and up-to-date, be they for legal reasons, acquisition or sale. For insurance you must be properly and adequately protected against loss. The cost of a proper valuation may pale into insignificance compared to an under-insured loss.

When seeking a valuation of your collector vehicle, look for an appraiser who has knowledge and experience in the field, but who also understands correct appraisal ethics, principles and concepts. We are independent so we have no ties to dealerships or auction houses enabling us to deliver a detailed, measured approach to appraising. It’s what your vehicle deserves.

I first determine the proper approach based on the purpose of the appraisal and your specific need. This is vital to meet the proper definition of an appraisal as the purpose defines the type of value sought. My valuations are accepted by insurance companies, finance companies, museums, the police, courts, solicitors, car clubs and of course, private collectors.

With extensive experience within the major UK classic car auction houses, formerly heading Sotheby's and later Cheffins' vintage car auction departments and ten years as an independent valuer, I aim to provide professional, qualified advice. I have extensive valuation resources at my disposal and have the capacity to handle valuations from single items of automobilia to large collections of vehicles.

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